owner and lead artistic director

After working in the industry as a licensed professional for over fifteen years Melissa Styles opened up Smoke and Mirrors Parlor for a fresh take on a house of "conscious" beauty.  She cultivated a space right on the Connecticut coast that felt "home-y", yet, upscale. Melissa decided to keep Smoke and Mirrors Parlor private (by appointment only/by consult only) due to the volume of loyal clientele she had built over the years. 


"I began my spiritual journey a few years before opening the parlor. Nothing felt right for me in a typical "salon" atmosphere after that journey began. I needed a bright space that was positively charged, and close to the ocean.. where I could practice healing clients through their hair service. I think that when your heart and intentions are pure, that's when it all manifests quickly."

Styles on why she opened Smoke and Mirrors Parlor


After opening up at the tail end of 2015, Melissa was asked to be on the Privè runway team with long time celebrity stylist Laurent Dufourg, where she took a runway training course and immediately jumped into the world of high fashion hair styling. 

Since then she has worked countless fashion shows (Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter, bridal fashion market, mens NYFW etc..) every season of NYFW numerous times a year with multiple teams, which has led her to her current position as a key artist on #teammarcellocosta with celebrity stylist Marcello Costa. 

Melissa and her fiancè DJ Thrift also own a mobile shop called Jenky Gems, where they sell vintage wares that are inspired by what is current in fashion.. ready to wear.